Tile Massacre SHMUP

Tile Massacre SHMUP 1.0

Two shoot 'em ups in one, with a strange twist


  • Interesting idea
  • Good music
  • Easy to play


  • Basic graphics
  • Tile shooting is hard!


Tile Massacre SHMUP is a little vertical shoot 'em up with a twist. There are no aliens attacking your ship - just flying tiles!

Your job is to shoot tiles in the right order to recreate the image in the background. Whatever you do create will form the next level, where you will control a hero on foot battling evil skeletons. On these levels you just have to reach the top of the screen without losing all your lives.

On the shoot 'em up tile levels, you'll get a bonus for recreating the images perfectly - and so you should as it's really hard! Shooting and avoiding is one thing, deciding if you need to shoot a tile or not for your picture makes for quite complex gameplay!

The intermediate levels are more straightforward, and much less challenging. Created for the TIGSource Assemblee Competition, it's a pretty basic looking game, with 8-bit graphics, and a great chip-tune soundtrack. Controls are really simple, and Tile Massacre SHMUP makes for a great high score chaser you can play for a few minutes here and there.

Tile Massacre SHMUP is an interesting concept, and its simple controls and gameplay make it an easy game to get into too. Retro fans will love it.

Tile Massacre SHMUP


Tile Massacre SHMUP 1.0

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